Vault 101 - Secure Applications for Developers

Time: Sep 9 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Location: Hyatt Regency
VaultBeginnerOpen Source


Developers who work with sensitive data of all kinds. This is a beginner course aimed at developers getting started with Vault.


This is an introductory course for developers who want to get started using Vault to encrypt secrets at rest and in transit. Experience with Vault is preferred but not required.

This hands-on training will cover the following topics:

  • Vault core use cases
  • Server Architecture basics
  • How to interact with Vault: CLI, UI, API
  • Secret Engines intro
  • Static Secrets: Key/Value, Cubbyhole
  • Dynamic Secrets
  • Encryption as a Service - Transit secrets engine
  • Vault tokens: service tokens vs batch tokens
  • Direct Application Integration with Consul Template and EnvConsul
  • Secure Introduction


  • WiFi and SSH-enabled device with a Terminal
  • Modern Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
  • Ability to connect to the public Internet unrestricted (no proxies or firewalls)


If you have not already, you can register for HashiConf Training Day here.