Terraform 201 - Collaborative Infrastructure Automation

Time: Sep 9 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Location: Hyatt Regency


Developers and operators who want to collaborate around the automation of the creation of cloud infrastructure using Terraform Enterprise (hosted or private). This is an intermediate course aimed at experienced users of Terraform.


This course is aimed at existing Terraform users who desire an in-depth exploration of collaborative workflows and advanced features with hosted or private Terraform Enterprise.

This hands-on course covers topics such as:

  • Provisioning across multiple cloud providers
  • Team workflows and code organization (module owners, users, builders)
  • Multi-environment techniques (production, staging)
  • Managing resource lifecycles (create_before_destroy, prevent_destroy, ignore_changes)
  • Blue-green deployment strategies
  • Recovering from partial state saves
  • Collaborating on infrastructure changes with Terraform Enterprise
  • Authoring and distributing modules with the registry

Students will receive access to their own personal Linux-based lab environment for the class.


  • WiFi and SSH-enabled device with a Terminal
  • Modern Internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
  • Ability to connect to the public Internet unrestricted (no proxies or firewalls)


If you have not already, you can register for HashiConf Training Day here.